Posted in July 2009


I once heard common say “I wish love was for sale”. I dont finding love is hard but its well worth it. If you can throw money around all the time what you buy will never mean anything to you. Thats why wealthy people’s relationships never last. Money is always thrown around and the person … Continue reading


I love me I would never swing the other way. {I dont knock those who do.} But why do they feel they need a wife, a jump off and a random broad, whats the deal. And why does your wife have tp except the fact that you cheat on her and if she decides she … Continue reading

Getting Started………..

Ok I have decided to start bloggin I have alot of pinned up feelings inside that need out.This post may be blan but trust from now on it will be interesting. I will speak on life in general and the random shananigans I come across daily. Dont believe me then check to get my … Continue reading