I love me I would never swing the other way. {I dont knock those who do.} But why do they feel they need a wife, a jump off and a random broad, whats the deal. And why does your wife have tp except the fact that you cheat on her and if she decides she wants to do the same shes a hoe. I am soooooooooo tired of the double standards of society. And ladies let this mess happen by not addressing it. If your dude is cheating then is a wrap leave him alone. I am so tried od women talking about how he cheated and she don’t trust him and he doesnt understand why its like hello if you have to do all that let it go. And men you are never gonna be like the rappers in the video so get over it. Those dudes have it like that cuz they have money. Hella money, and who do we try to be what we saw on bet. I am so tired of guys thinking all women are like the chicks in the video. I dont care how much money you have you better not pour any liqour on me or there will be a problem. But seriously we need to get a grip on reality and let it be know that real women wont accept this anymore. And fellas if you stated that you want a real women be sure you know what one is yee dig. 

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