love my boobies

Love is one of those things that you don’t wanna get involved in cuz you don’t know if you’re gonna get played or not. I know this from personal experience. I love my boobies and he loves me but when I first met him I didn’t know what I wanted and I thought I knew for sure that he was gonna play me so I kept my guard up. Them one day he completely shocked me and told me that he loved me. As I sit here today I can’t believe its been amost 2 years. Most peeps don’t even know he know each other and thats cool just know this we keep it like that so there isn’t always someone in our ear feeding us a bunch of bs. If you didn’t get anything outta this post get this if someone loves you love them back and if it hurts from jump its not love. Now I’m not saying love won’t hurt but it only hurts if you choose that route.

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