Posted in September 2009


These kids are monsters I have they get caught and get life in prison they stole a life and all those that watched need to go to prison too. If you know anything about this please notify the cops. My prayers go out to the family of the young man that was killed may god … Continue reading

Just wondering……

Just outta curiousity why is it normal for a guy to be wit 2 girls but the girls are called freaks and if a girl gets hit by 2 dudes she is a hoe but the guys that hit her are just being dudes. WTF who makes the rules and standards around this joint??

I’m aiming for the moon so if I miss it I will fall amongst the stars and no I’m no a groupie I just wanna do jt bigger than anyone ever thought I could and not so I can rub it in your face but so you can hate even more when you see my … Continue reading


Why is it when I finally decide to board the express to la la land I suddenly have a mass amount of energy. Smh why me? Ok good night FOR REAL this time I think and I hope!


I am at a very confusing point in my life. I feel like I need to go right or left but instead I continue to go straight hoping that somewhere down the road I will know which way to go, but I know it will all look the same until I stop being afraid and … Continue reading