Posted in February 2010

reinaleilani: Most commonly asked question(s).

Why don’t you have a boyfriend—Why are you single? Long story short, I don’t want anything holding me back from anything and everything I want outta life. So far, no boys have been that compliment rather than supplement in my life. I don’t need somebody to complete me, I’d love to have somebody… reinaleilani: Most … Continue reading

crazy love games

Its funny how we started out kissing each others face off then all of a sudden you changed up on me && hit me wit the ” you know I don’t like kissing on girls like anyways” fuck outta here wit that shit mane.

I must apologize to yall for my lack of original post but I don’t get my new computer for another 2 weeks and my laptop now is 5 years old smh but I promise once I get the new laptop I’m gonna have new post for weeks. Thanks for rockin wit me yall you’ll never … Continue reading

thatfeelgood: titosagee: prettylegit-britt:ashtroblastro:iamural:Jazmine Sullivan – Jumpoff (rmx) f. Señor Kaos & Coultrain