black high waisted studded shorts there a size 5 but they run really small so if you are anywhere between a size 3-5  they should fit ya!

how to enter the give away

1. you must have a tumblr account.

2. send in a photo of you in and outfit that best decribes your style and give a quick sentence or two about your style (please only submit one photo )

3. along with the photo you send please include your tumblr link along with what country you are from and a first name.

you have from now until next Friday morning feb 19 to submit your photos to me at


once all the photos have been submitted to me i will pick my top 3 favorite photos  friday morning and i will post them to my tumblr and let you all vote for who should win the studded shorts.

please keep in mind to  only enter if you have a tumblr account, im going to start doing give aways every month and I’m sorry to the readers that i have outside of tumblr but you guys will be able to enter the next months  give away! but for my first giveaway i wanted to keep it strictly tumblr bloggers! thanks guys and good luck!!

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