Posted in June 2010


A lady was just on the phone talking to a friend. He started whistling, she asked him why are you whistling. He replied “cuz I like too, and did you know whistling was good for you?” He continued “yeah studies have shown that whistling make you happier” she said “wow really?” He said “yeah you … Continue reading


Why do guys always say they don’t want kids but they don’t wanna wear a rubber. Smh I shouldn’t have to suggest a rubber to you. Shoot I don’t want a kid anymore than you do. And yes I’ve heard that you can’t feel anything wit a rubber on and all the other lames ass … Continue reading

Dead beat dads

I hate when women call men dead beat dads cuz he won’t do what you say. As long as he takes care of his kid(s) that’s all that matters. He doesn’t have to live by your rules you date why can’t he. Its crazy some of you women need to learn the difference between a … Continue reading