Posted in July 2010

I LOVE when I wake up to great entertainment. I couldn’t stand Natalie on the BGC but this beef between her and Rat Stacks if pure COMEDY. I just have 1 question: Why does it gotta be 3 fat Mexican Bitches that jump on Rat Stacks? LMAO Whatch and enjoy. (Source:

To my ladies

if you come across a real man hold on to him. But remember if he has a chick already and he’s tryna get at you he’s not a real man. Real men do make mistakes but they know not to take a chance wit a new chick if he has a real woman at home. … Continue reading

My day so far

So I’ve skyped wit him posted some ish made some coffee and ducked call from my day and its not even 10 AM. Mmmmmmm I’ve done a lot already but my day hasn’t even started. Time to get ready for church and hit the Bite later. Have a glamorous day loves 🙂