Cheap and Easy Homemade Dandruff Remedy

Good afternoon loves!
Yes you read the title correctly this post is about getting rid of dandruff by using one quick, simple and effective method. The best part of this is this method is eco friendly 🙂 I will post links to all the items below. I have actually used this method and it worked hince the reason I’m posting it.
What you will need:
3 Lemons soft lemons wok best because you will have to squeeze the juice from the lemon.


1 small spray bottle


A funnel to easily get the lemon juice into the bottle.


And a comb to section your hair.


Once you have filled the bottle more than half way place the top back on the bottle. Take your comb and section your hair where the dandruff is located. Make sure the dandruff is visible and spray your scalp with the lemon juice. (Now I have to add this may sting a bit. You are using a highly acidic fruit on your scalp.) Continue this process until you have covered all the spots that have dandruff. The lemon juice only needs to set for less than 2 minutes. After you have covered all desired areas of your scalp wash your hair with shampoo and be sure to condition your hair well to moisturize your hair. When finished washing your hair continue with your normal styling routine. I hope this helps and be sure to post comments about using this remedy.

Have a glamorous Saturday loves 🙂

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