What Honey Bought (Forever 21 Sleek D’Orsay Pumps)

Hello dolls! I have to say when it came to shopping this week I scored big time! From the make up I bought today to the dress and shoes I ordered from Forever 21 everything was a go with no alterations needed. I know must of you are thinking what’s the big deal, but when you’re short and plus size not having to alter anything is like heaven. Enough of my bragging lets get on with the shoes shall we? As soon as I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them and once I read all the reviews I was completely sold. These pumps looked so chic and edgy I knew if I didn’t order them I would regret it. When I finally got them back to my house I tried them on and fell in love all over again! The shoes are actually quite comfortable and fit my sort of wide feet perfectly. Now I wouldn’t say they run wide but they did fit me with no problem. Also as far as sizing goes the shoes were very true to size and if you wear a half size sizing up won’t be an issue the ankle strap keeps everything in order. So why am I writing this post you ask?! These shoes were that amazing I had to let everyone know. Forever 21 still has some pairs left and they also come in nude (which I plan on ordering soon). Click the link to purchase and for more details. I will post an OOTD featuring them and the amazing dress I ordered to go with them soon. Have a glamorous day dolls 🙂


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