Hi dolls. I know I haven’t posted in a while so I’m back with my ootd. I will be posting more of these so be on the look out. My Cardigan, Dress and Necklace are from Forever 21. The belt does not come with the dress I purchased it in a 3 pack from Torrid. … Continue reading

Nude Illusions

Good morning dolls! So the other day I was browsing the makeup section at my local Bed Bath and Beyond and noticed this huge Maybelline makeup display that only featured nude makeup. When I saw this I got so excited nude makeup is my absolute fave! I mean everyone wears bright eye shadow or a bold … Continue reading

Abby Whelan

Hello Gladiators! Yes Scandal is back tonight at 10 pm and I am EXCITED! So as a gladiator and lover of the wardrobe the cast of Scandal wears I made this set as an ode to Abby the stylish, witty red-head bombshell (Check her season 3 promo pictures if you don’t believe she’s a total bombshell). … Continue reading

Laced Up

Good morning dolls! I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine’s day/weekend. Now on to more pressing issues like my newest obsession. Now I usually don’t like open toe or peep toe booties, but this trends is so hot to me. It started when I saw the nude pair on the bottom right. It … Continue reading

Casual Valentine’s Day

Hello dolls! I made this set because I know some of us don’t have boyfriends or maybe going on a casual date tonight or this weekend. I love both of these looks as you can see on is way more casual than the other but both are perfect for casual dates first dates or a … Continue reading

Meant to Tease

Hello Dolls, I’m sure you get the point of this set based on the name 😉 So this Valentine’s day make it one he’ll never forget! Have a glamorous day dolls. Meant to Tease by honeysfresh showing what to wear with a pink camisole Elle Macpherson Intimates pink pajamas net-a-porter.com TWIN SET lingerie yoox.com Anna … Continue reading

Set Game

Good morning Dolls! Ok we’re all grown here right?! With that being said I thought why not make a set for hot lingerie looks? I mean let’s be honest you have to wear pretty undergarments on Valentine’s day! I know I usually post plus size sets, but finding plus size lingerie on polyvore was pretty hard … Continue reading

Valentine’s date night

Good Morning dolls! Yes Valentine’s day is this Friday and I know some of you have no clue what to wear. Well that’s where I come in. These sets are simple and easy to recreate even if you don’t have the exact items. Yes I added make up to each set just to give you … Continue reading